Monday, January 31, 2011

Mother Nature, in all it's glory

     When many people hear someone say the word nature, or the outdoors, their instincts tell them it's some nerdy individual who didn't have a satisfactory childhood and is trying to fulfill what they didn't in their younger years.  But I tell you that isn't always the case (although it may be, but very rarely).  When I think of nature, I think of all the wonderous shenanigans I have encountered there.  Rock climbing on a blistering hot rock, and struggling to get to the top without losing all the skin on my fingertips; sea kayaking with friends for three days, and spending the nights on islands; river rafting through intense rapids; waking up at 3 AM so as to summit the mountain in time for a most beautiful and refreshing sunset; making hot chocolate and tending to the fire at 5 with my mother due to the lack of both of us being able to sleep any longer; jumping in the river or high mountain lake to cool off and "shower", washing the sweat of our efforts off into the river; and more than anything, the moments of peace.  The moments when all was quiet, when you looked over the valley, the river, the mountain, the lake... all the above.  It's when you get close to the spiritual side of life, close to Mother Nature, and everything in life feels right, at least for the moment.  Have any of you experienced this?

     If you haven't, I deeply urge you to get out and try it.  I must warn you, however.  It is very likely that you will become addicted.  For once you enter the forests, the mountains, the outdoors in general, you will always dream of the future moments you will experience there and reminisce of past times spent with friends, family, or even alone with yourself.  There is something about the wilderness that you can't feel anywhere else.  Something more powerful than Christmas morning and summer beach visits put together.  It leads you to appreciate the beauty of the world.  It's something that I wouldn't trade for anything.  My passion for the outdoors is the biggest passion of my life, and thank goodness for that.  It gives my life purpose and joy.  Who knows if I'll do anything with it proffesionally, (likely not), but no matter the case, I'll always have it for recreation, to spend (not waste) the hours away, just me and the woods.  And maybe a couple deer, of course. 
Love, Contemplation's Girl


  1. The trees in the woods on our hill up above our farmhouse were my best friends growing up!!!The BIG rocks up there was my stage for singing, mostly Julie Andrew's songs, Do, a deer and Supercalifragilisticalodotious(I know I spelled that wrong! hehe)Maybe YOU haven't seen "The Sound Of Music?) I can't wait to get back out there before my mom sells the farm! Even when I open my door, the brisk air seems to beckon me outdoors where I LOVE!!

  2. Yes, I have experienced this and more. I would preferably be outside then inside, except here it is 20 degrees. But, I still try and make it outside to walk or see the sun, animals and plants. I belong in the outdoors, there is always something calling me. Love your blog.

  3. thank you so much for your comment. it's a real uplifter when i know that i'm not doing this crazy thing for no good reason. by the way nature makes me sneeze but a day in the mountains is the best!