Friday, December 2, 2011

Tumblr: Devil or Angel?

Lots of people talk negatively of tumblr.  Unless, of course, they have one.  Because although some people might abuse tumblr, start drama with it, waste their time with it, or countless other things, I have mostly seen how tumblr is a blessing.  The best thing it does is inspire people.  Soooo much inspiration and good on tumblr. It's fantastic.  The other thing is to make us appreciate life.  Honestly, so many times now when I'm in the moment I think, "That's something I'd reblog."  And it makes me appreciate the moment so much more.  It forces me to see the beauty in everything, and more than i ever did before.  Another thing it does is curb loneliness.  tumblr is sort of a community.  Followers often talk to those they follow, and sometimes messages can really make someones day.  A compliment, or even a question.  It really does help people feel less lonely, and that I know for a fact.  You sort of start to get tumblr friends!  And even tumblr strangers are super nice (for the most part of course).  A last thing, a very important thing, is that it's super fun!  It's the best way to kill time ever.  So now you know why you shouldn't talk down tumblr.  It's a blessing!  If you have a tumblr and want to know mine, message me.  I'll tell ya my url ;)