Friday, December 2, 2011

Tumblr: Devil or Angel?

Lots of people talk negatively of tumblr.  Unless, of course, they have one.  Because although some people might abuse tumblr, start drama with it, waste their time with it, or countless other things, I have mostly seen how tumblr is a blessing.  The best thing it does is inspire people.  Soooo much inspiration and good on tumblr. It's fantastic.  The other thing is to make us appreciate life.  Honestly, so many times now when I'm in the moment I think, "That's something I'd reblog."  And it makes me appreciate the moment so much more.  It forces me to see the beauty in everything, and more than i ever did before.  Another thing it does is curb loneliness.  tumblr is sort of a community.  Followers often talk to those they follow, and sometimes messages can really make someones day.  A compliment, or even a question.  It really does help people feel less lonely, and that I know for a fact.  You sort of start to get tumblr friends!  And even tumblr strangers are super nice (for the most part of course).  A last thing, a very important thing, is that it's super fun!  It's the best way to kill time ever.  So now you know why you shouldn't talk down tumblr.  It's a blessing!  If you have a tumblr and want to know mine, message me.  I'll tell ya my url ;)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Barefoot running!

Hey everyone!  It's been SO long since I've updated on this blog.  I've been on tumblr all the time now.  :)

But anyways I wanted to introduce to you all the idea of running barefoot!  It's been gaining popularity lately.  When you think about it, it's the way that we are supposed to run anyways!  Humans were born to run on the soles of their feet.  It is recommended to start out with smaller amounts however until your feet are well adjusted - just do whatever's comfortable!  What are the benefits you might be wondering?

Well, to name a few:
-It's freeing!  So much fun, you almost feel Native American or something, especially when running in the woods.
-It is good for your back and reduces the chances of feet injuries.
-It forces you to use proper form that increases your endurance.

But I just love how much fun I have with it, through the woods, on the street, in the grass.  Try it out you nature loving beauties! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wait, you're a leader? what?

never ever saw you as a leader.  you really aren't.  so i don't know how you got that position.  but hey, i'm happy for you.  just don't get too full of yourself with it.  you say that you need to set an example for people now.. but i still don't really see that in you.  i'm sorry.  but i tend to see you as weak.  and that's bad, i know.  that's really bad.  but anyways, i hope it brings about some good things in your life.  like maybe you'll realize that drinking is for losers?  maybe.  doubt it.  we'll see.  but either way, it kept ME on the right track.  *i am spiritual, not material*  we are not material, but spiritual, and so must we live our lives.  thank you God.  thank you!  ahh.  You are great.  so great.  i intend on glorifying you :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

so i kind of fell in love with you.  and then because things didn't work out like they should have i fell out of it.  then i was upset about that and really down for a week or so.  and then i got over it.  and then, somehow, i fell into lust with you.  maybe because i missed what we used to have, or so i thought.  and now i just, don't know where i'm going or where i want to go.  what i do know is that i must stay on the right path, the path of good.  i don't know what to do because, i actually care about you.  which is why i would do things with you.  but i don't think you care about me the same way.  from what i've learned about you over the past few months, you seem like one who just tries to satisfy their momentary needs and don't really care about whatever else happens.  i'm pretty confused right now.  because it seems like what i want is different from what is right.  i'll have to figure this stuff out eventually..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thor 3D

I went into this movie, not knowing what to think.  It isn't the kind of movie that I would choose to see.  But after being basically forced to watch it, I absolutely adored it.  So amazing.  The 3D graphics were literally breathtaking.  They gave me like a breathtaking high. 

And knowing me, of course I couldn't ignore the opportunity for finding metaphors in the movie.  My favorite part was when he broke off the bridge to Earth and to the other race.  This was his pathway to the one woman who he loved, the one he cared about more than anything.  He gave her up because in doing so it would save his brother from killing the other race.  This just really stuck out to me, because when giving up what we seem to want most is the right and noble thing to do, we must do so without resistance.  He was very strong.

I also loved the fact that the last time that Thor and the girl he loved saw each other, he said goodbye and kissed her hand.  It was her that went in for the kiss.  This shows us that he cared more about the girl herself than what she had to give him.  It's a love that doesn't ask for anything back.  It simply loves and it cares.  This reminded me of in Slumdog Millionare, when after being in love with the same girl for years and never being able to have her, when he finally does, he simply kisses her scar on the cheek.  He doesn't make out with her.  He just kisses her scar (representing her hurt in her past), with sincere compassion. 

For all of these reasons, I absolutely love movies.  I like finding the metaphors in them, and allowing these movies give meaning to our lives.  It's been my goal as of late to be conciously loving and caring, without conditions or rewards.  Let's all try it :)
Contemplation's Girl

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What is love?

Hello, my dears. 
I have one thing to tell you today, sitting in my bed, completely happy, feeling love to an unbelievable amount.  What I must tell you is to not base your happiness off of any person.  Love shouldn't be something material, something exclusive, or something thrown around.  It is a feeling that should always exist in your life, no matter the circumstance.  Love knows no exceptions.  When it comes from a single person only, you are only being momentarily placed in a happy place.  However, when it is coming from within, from a foundation of rock that can never crumble, you have found happiness.  At this point I kind of don't believe in romance.  It can end so quickly.  Many people place their whole life in it, and when it disappears, they don't know what to do with themselves, and they don't have any happiness left to feel.  "Happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and Love." -MBE.  I love that quote.  It's SO true! 

I'm quite sure that I never want to become involved in a relationship more than friendship ever again.  I'd started to come to this conclusion earlier this year, but had given something one more chance.  Unwise of me, but yet it helped to solidify my beliefs.  Every experience is a learning experience.  I'd rather have no burdens; only blessings.  Be free to express whatever I want whenever I want, with whoever I want.  I think I'm done with physicality.  It's not as great as everyone makes it seem. 

And you, my dears, may do whatever you want with what I've told you.  But the best advice anyone can give you is to try it out for yourself.  We all have different paths to take, different plans to make.  And we'll all find the right ones.  If we try, that is :)
Love always,
Contemplation's Girl