Saturday, April 30, 2011

What is love?

Hello, my dears. 
I have one thing to tell you today, sitting in my bed, completely happy, feeling love to an unbelievable amount.  What I must tell you is to not base your happiness off of any person.  Love shouldn't be something material, something exclusive, or something thrown around.  It is a feeling that should always exist in your life, no matter the circumstance.  Love knows no exceptions.  When it comes from a single person only, you are only being momentarily placed in a happy place.  However, when it is coming from within, from a foundation of rock that can never crumble, you have found happiness.  At this point I kind of don't believe in romance.  It can end so quickly.  Many people place their whole life in it, and when it disappears, they don't know what to do with themselves, and they don't have any happiness left to feel.  "Happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and Love." -MBE.  I love that quote.  It's SO true! 

I'm quite sure that I never want to become involved in a relationship more than friendship ever again.  I'd started to come to this conclusion earlier this year, but had given something one more chance.  Unwise of me, but yet it helped to solidify my beliefs.  Every experience is a learning experience.  I'd rather have no burdens; only blessings.  Be free to express whatever I want whenever I want, with whoever I want.  I think I'm done with physicality.  It's not as great as everyone makes it seem. 

And you, my dears, may do whatever you want with what I've told you.  But the best advice anyone can give you is to try it out for yourself.  We all have different paths to take, different plans to make.  And we'll all find the right ones.  If we try, that is :)
Love always,
Contemplation's Girl

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  1. I've had the same thoughts about love and often question what it actually is. Really it's just another emotion - nothing special - but it's glamourised by history and film. Romance is different to love and sometimes a very negative experience! As you said, it fades and leaves you feeling 'without love' which nobody should. I love my friends and family and myself; things I would never say a few years ago when I was fixated by loving guys/this particular guy. Sure I fancy people, I love intimacy and affection and indeed I someday want to marry and have kids but 'love' is seperate to romance, 100%. I commend your decisions to not go beyond friendship because then you loose somebody you care about and That is a tragedy! You're a wise cookie :)

    love ;) Madie x