Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pure happiness from a bottomless foundation

For the past couple days, I have been in a sort of depression.  It's not fun, as it's label clearly describes.  It involves crying (something I pretty much never do.. come on thats for weak people ;P), and feelings that no one cares about you, they're just moving on with life and dealing with your presence in it's pathway.  But then I came to this AMAZING realization.  And it has so empowered me with love that I can't hold it in, and although this is my third post in two days, I must declare it to you all, and whoever else runs across it. 

I feel sooo happy and good and satisfied at this moment in time.  And I need to remember it, and know that all I need to hold on to it is bring myself there in thought.  Because I have seen it's effects, I've seen all the good that comes from it, and I know that it is powerful and truly works.  When we choose to be happy, we gain happiness.  It's inevitable, and it's what makes life so loveable.  And I love it.

I was talking with someone for probably two hours about whether or not good and bad exist or whether they're just a human opinion that is completely personal and only what you think of it.  And I honestly cannot live with think neither exist.  I believe that they there are good things, and there are bad things.  It's good when you're watching the sunset, smelling the grass and smells of spring, feeling that perfection within you.  And it's bad when you're in a state of sadness.  Those are all facts, and nothing can change that.  Therefore, I believe that good and bad do exist, and that our thought determines our reality.

When we're so loving and so willing and the three main qualities that make up the motives behind what we do are charity, humility, and kindness, then do we find perfect happiness.  It is love with no boundaries, no labels, no exceptions, nothing.  Only pure and perfect love.  It doesn't want, it doesn't need to recieve back that love.  It is fulfilled by the single satisfaction of making that other person feel better, or have a better day.  It never gets jealous, doesn't get angry, and always forgives, with no limits.  I love this feeling.  And I must remember to bring it into everyday of my life for the rest of eternity.  When I fail to do this, I must somehow remind myself. 

After all who wants to be held back by tears, stopped by fears?  Live life without fear, only with love alone.  Love is life.  That's why we're all here.  To love.  It's simple.  Be happy.

Love, Contemplation's Girl

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