Monday, January 31, 2011

Mother Nature, in all it's glory

     When many people hear someone say the word nature, or the outdoors, their instincts tell them it's some nerdy individual who didn't have a satisfactory childhood and is trying to fulfill what they didn't in their younger years.  But I tell you that isn't always the case (although it may be, but very rarely).  When I think of nature, I think of all the wonderous shenanigans I have encountered there.  Rock climbing on a blistering hot rock, and struggling to get to the top without losing all the skin on my fingertips; sea kayaking with friends for three days, and spending the nights on islands; river rafting through intense rapids; waking up at 3 AM so as to summit the mountain in time for a most beautiful and refreshing sunset; making hot chocolate and tending to the fire at 5 with my mother due to the lack of both of us being able to sleep any longer; jumping in the river or high mountain lake to cool off and "shower", washing the sweat of our efforts off into the river; and more than anything, the moments of peace.  The moments when all was quiet, when you looked over the valley, the river, the mountain, the lake... all the above.  It's when you get close to the spiritual side of life, close to Mother Nature, and everything in life feels right, at least for the moment.  Have any of you experienced this?

     If you haven't, I deeply urge you to get out and try it.  I must warn you, however.  It is very likely that you will become addicted.  For once you enter the forests, the mountains, the outdoors in general, you will always dream of the future moments you will experience there and reminisce of past times spent with friends, family, or even alone with yourself.  There is something about the wilderness that you can't feel anywhere else.  Something more powerful than Christmas morning and summer beach visits put together.  It leads you to appreciate the beauty of the world.  It's something that I wouldn't trade for anything.  My passion for the outdoors is the biggest passion of my life, and thank goodness for that.  It gives my life purpose and joy.  Who knows if I'll do anything with it proffesionally, (likely not), but no matter the case, I'll always have it for recreation, to spend (not waste) the hours away, just me and the woods.  And maybe a couple deer, of course. 
Love, Contemplation's Girl

Saturday, January 29, 2011


     I don't have a set opinion on vegetarianism.  Of course I support those who choose to give up meat, whether for health, for the world, or for the animals.  After all, I myself was one for 10 months.  But we all know those pushy vegetarians.  The ones who argue with you when you were only trying to be nice, or bring it into a conversation where it didn't belong.  Still, I respect them, because they're taking a stand for what they truly believe in.  But still, they really shouldn't be so pushy!

     What do you guys think of it?  Are any of YOU all vegetarians?  I've considered going back, but can't really see the point anymore.  I do, after all like the taste of meat.  And I know that one person doing something DOES affect the cause in general.  Yet still, it seems hard to go back after quitting last year.  Sometimes it's just more convienent for others if you eat what they give you.  But who knows?  Maybe if I get enough comments, I will go back!  Probably not, though, especially considering that I rarely get more than 1 or 2 comments on my posts, sometimes none, from my 6 (OMG, 6!) followers.  We'll have to see where life takes me.  Keep reading to find out where it leads me!  And always feel free to ask me about your deep questions, I'm always willing to give an answer!

Love, Contemplation's Girl

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love you... from a distance.

     They're in your life.  You see them more or less everyday.  They could go to school with you, work with you, be on a team with you, go to your church, or even work with you as a counselor at a summer camp.  You feel like you know them as well as anyone, their essense, who they are.  But yet, you've only had a few short conversations with them.  You love them, and you know it.  You feel like your eyes meet more than they should, and they're on your mind way more than anyone else.  Does this happen to anyone?  Because it's happened to me, a couple different times.  And I'm not quite sure what to think about it.  However, since we're only deep thinkers here on this blog, I thought about it, and I'll tell you what I came up with.

     As human beings, we are told what to love, what is good, what is beautiful, what is normal.  We are given no choice but to look at these standards that are set for all of society.  When we find something that fits that mold, we want it.  Everyone has different wants, different standards, because we all have different perspectives and interpret everything differently.  Sometimes we find something that seems to fit that model, or something that we love, but when we find out more about it, we find that it has flaws.  We see that what we thought was perfection is simply another imperfect component of Earth that we had mistaken for an angel.  This is why when we don't know someone as well we can get caught in the trap of obssessing over them or seeing them as perfect.  What do you guys think?  It seems to happen to me, usually about one person a year.  The strange thing is that when I do try and start a relationship with them (friendship only, of course), it never works.  Maybe because I think about everything too much, think of them as too high.  I'm not quite sure, still figuring things out.  But I definitely still feel like I love this person.  It's a girl, which may surprise you, or may not.  Tell me how you're dealing with these situations (or if you're even dealing with them at all).  Much love to you all, it's almost the weekend!
Love, Contemplation's Girl

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Vibrations.

     You sit down at your desk one evening, rather nonchalantly.  You aren't sad, you aren't happy, but instead are set on finishing the task at hand, be it homework, emailing your boss, or any other random shenanigans.  What better opportunity than to fill your atmosphere with happiness, sounds of peace, and melodies that make you smile inside and out?  If you haven't guessed already, today's post is about positive music. 

      I believe in positive music more than just about anything.  I really got into it last year, and have been addicted ever since.  You see I grew up with rap and mainstream music, hip hop and pop, which is fine and all, but it wasn't until last year that I realized there was music that was so much better!  Of course from time to time I will still listen to a head-bobbing hit, but what I crave now is music that is uplifting and happy at the same time.  Not religious, but positive.  (I have nothing against religious music and respect it very much but am not always in the mood to listen to it).  If you want me to share some of my great music taste with you, just ask! :)  The single artist that I listen to most is definitely Jack Johnson, and if you don't know him, listen to him, because his music is fantastic.  Nonetheless, there are many, many other songs that I can show you guys if you're interested.   

     Anyway, just thought I would talk about the importance of positive music and all the wonderful effects it has had on my life.  Listen to some tonight while you're writing that time-consuming essay or making dinner for your family!  I promise, you won't regret it.  And it may just change your life.
Best Wishes, and LOVE,
Contemplation's Girl

Sunday, January 23, 2011

All in one smile...

          As the givers of good, we may not always be aware of how immense the impact we have had on another's life.  One simple ten minute conversation could make someone's day, even change their life.  I had always heard things like this, but not until recently have I started to really grasp this idea, and accept it.

          Just yesterday in fact, there were several people that changed my life.  The day started, cold, snowy, and beautiful, all at once.  My throat was hurting, and my voice sounded strange, similar to a female Lord Voldemort rather than my normal girly tone.  As you can imagine, it was frustrating.  I was at a party from the night before (my basketball team) and a friend-of-a-friend drove me home.  She was extraordinarily sweet, and was easy to make conversation with.  She understood how frustrating it was to have to deal with my throat, and offered to buy me Starbucks.  For some strange reason I feel awkward and almost guilty when people buy me things, so I declined the offer.  She asked me once more a few minutes later and I said I was alright.  The next time it was no longer an offer but a demand, and she drove right up to Starbucks.  I ordered my much beloved grande White Chocolate Mocha, smiling inside.  Not because of the drink itself, but because of the love that I could feel in her heart when she offered me the drink.  As she continued to drive me home, she proceeded to tell me that if I ever needed anything, just to call.  She was so genuine and loving, and I walked away from the car with a smile and a warm heart, forgetting the annoyances of my throat.

          Although there were multiple other people who made my day, the second individual really made me think.  I had just gotten out of the well-made, very entertaining western movie "True Grit" (I say that as one who normally doesn't enjoy westerns), and was huddling inside the mall with a couple friends so as to keep out of the windy winter weather for a few more minutes.  Sitting on the bench, I was watching others go about their daily life.  One woman, probably about 80 years of age, was being pulled in a wheelchair.  I noticed her from across the mall, and was forced to follow her face, for happily and proudly plastered upon it was one of the largest and most sincere smiles I have ever seen.  Regardless of where her life had taken her, or what obnoxious teenagers were doing around her, she held the most beautiful smile within her, and was able to share it with the world.  I thought about it all the way back home, and it was really a life-changing moment.  That is the old lady that I want to be one day.  Maybe we all can be that.  With a little effort, of course.

Love, Contemplation's Girl.    

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day!

It's gorgeous outside today. A snow day! This is the day when we all sleep in, stay in warm pajamas all day, and drink hot cocoa. Some suck it up and attempt to go outside and play, others just stay in and watch movies with friends. The extremely unfortunate choose (or feel like they must) do homework. Now that is simply unbelievable.

Last night was beautiful! I watched out the window for at least fifteen minutes before going to sleep. The snowflakes each fell in their own unique pattern, twirling to the ground with increasingly faster speeds. The ground had slowly been being covered by Mother Nature's warm (or cold, i suppose) blanket. I noticed a snowflake on the ground sparkling off the light, and as I started to pay closer attention, realized that there were sparkling snowflakes everywhere! I decided that it was like the world. And even though we don't always notice those sparkling snowflakes, they're there, and all we have to do is pay attention. When we look for them, we see them everywhere.

I just really felt like I should share that realization with someone, and what better than with my blog followers (which currently, you may see, is awkwardly low). But hey, maybe someone will realize that they enjoy my thought-provoking rambling, and follow me! Who knows?! Just know that whatever I post will be something deeper than the surface, something which I care much about.
Love, Contemplation's Girl