Sunday, January 23, 2011

All in one smile...

          As the givers of good, we may not always be aware of how immense the impact we have had on another's life.  One simple ten minute conversation could make someone's day, even change their life.  I had always heard things like this, but not until recently have I started to really grasp this idea, and accept it.

          Just yesterday in fact, there were several people that changed my life.  The day started, cold, snowy, and beautiful, all at once.  My throat was hurting, and my voice sounded strange, similar to a female Lord Voldemort rather than my normal girly tone.  As you can imagine, it was frustrating.  I was at a party from the night before (my basketball team) and a friend-of-a-friend drove me home.  She was extraordinarily sweet, and was easy to make conversation with.  She understood how frustrating it was to have to deal with my throat, and offered to buy me Starbucks.  For some strange reason I feel awkward and almost guilty when people buy me things, so I declined the offer.  She asked me once more a few minutes later and I said I was alright.  The next time it was no longer an offer but a demand, and she drove right up to Starbucks.  I ordered my much beloved grande White Chocolate Mocha, smiling inside.  Not because of the drink itself, but because of the love that I could feel in her heart when she offered me the drink.  As she continued to drive me home, she proceeded to tell me that if I ever needed anything, just to call.  She was so genuine and loving, and I walked away from the car with a smile and a warm heart, forgetting the annoyances of my throat.

          Although there were multiple other people who made my day, the second individual really made me think.  I had just gotten out of the well-made, very entertaining western movie "True Grit" (I say that as one who normally doesn't enjoy westerns), and was huddling inside the mall with a couple friends so as to keep out of the windy winter weather for a few more minutes.  Sitting on the bench, I was watching others go about their daily life.  One woman, probably about 80 years of age, was being pulled in a wheelchair.  I noticed her from across the mall, and was forced to follow her face, for happily and proudly plastered upon it was one of the largest and most sincere smiles I have ever seen.  Regardless of where her life had taken her, or what obnoxious teenagers were doing around her, she held the most beautiful smile within her, and was able to share it with the world.  I thought about it all the way back home, and it was really a life-changing moment.  That is the old lady that I want to be one day.  Maybe we all can be that.  With a little effort, of course.

Love, Contemplation's Girl.    


  1. Thanks for this reminder that small acts of kindness can make a big difference. You have a lovely writing style.

  2. Yessssssssssss! i love it!!!! i'm following you! follow me? xxx