Saturday, January 29, 2011


     I don't have a set opinion on vegetarianism.  Of course I support those who choose to give up meat, whether for health, for the world, or for the animals.  After all, I myself was one for 10 months.  But we all know those pushy vegetarians.  The ones who argue with you when you were only trying to be nice, or bring it into a conversation where it didn't belong.  Still, I respect them, because they're taking a stand for what they truly believe in.  But still, they really shouldn't be so pushy!

     What do you guys think of it?  Are any of YOU all vegetarians?  I've considered going back, but can't really see the point anymore.  I do, after all like the taste of meat.  And I know that one person doing something DOES affect the cause in general.  Yet still, it seems hard to go back after quitting last year.  Sometimes it's just more convienent for others if you eat what they give you.  But who knows?  Maybe if I get enough comments, I will go back!  Probably not, though, especially considering that I rarely get more than 1 or 2 comments on my posts, sometimes none, from my 6 (OMG, 6!) followers.  We'll have to see where life takes me.  Keep reading to find out where it leads me!  And always feel free to ask me about your deep questions, I'm always willing to give an answer!

Love, Contemplation's Girl


  1. This sounds like a cave man maybe, but we were created to rule over the earth. That's part of being made in the image of God. Animals are not made in God's image, so all this push to give them equal rights is taking things too far. They have rights but not EQUAL rights to people. So people who won't eat meat but support a woman's "right to choose" clearly have no understanding of the value God places on human life. Sorry if that offends.

    But the other thing to consider is this: what would happen if animal populations went unchecked--if animals weren't killed for food here and there? Well, for one, they would overpopulate until there was no food for them, and they would starve to death or start killing their own kinds. Which is worse? Us killing them for food sometimes or us not caring whether they starve or turn cannibalistic?

  2. I'll take my steak medium rare, thankyou very much;)

  3. I think if your looking at the world's footprint, we eat way to much meat then we need too. If you go to it should customize information for you on how much protein you need. I think we I did mine it was 6 or 8 oz a day! I love my steak just as much as anyone else but I thought I'd put that out there for everyone.
    I've been trying new recipes and posting them on my blog if anyone wants to check them out...just getting started so check weekly!