Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day!

It's gorgeous outside today. A snow day! This is the day when we all sleep in, stay in warm pajamas all day, and drink hot cocoa. Some suck it up and attempt to go outside and play, others just stay in and watch movies with friends. The extremely unfortunate choose (or feel like they must) do homework. Now that is simply unbelievable.

Last night was beautiful! I watched out the window for at least fifteen minutes before going to sleep. The snowflakes each fell in their own unique pattern, twirling to the ground with increasingly faster speeds. The ground had slowly been being covered by Mother Nature's warm (or cold, i suppose) blanket. I noticed a snowflake on the ground sparkling off the light, and as I started to pay closer attention, realized that there were sparkling snowflakes everywhere! I decided that it was like the world. And even though we don't always notice those sparkling snowflakes, they're there, and all we have to do is pay attention. When we look for them, we see them everywhere.

I just really felt like I should share that realization with someone, and what better than with my blog followers (which currently, you may see, is awkwardly low). But hey, maybe someone will realize that they enjoy my thought-provoking rambling, and follow me! Who knows?! Just know that whatever I post will be something deeper than the surface, something which I care much about.
Love, Contemplation's Girl


  1. sweet blog. Yes, snow days are wonderful.

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  3. yes, it's sooo fun watching the snow fall and fun writing blogs and waiting on your followers! Good luck!