Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love you... from a distance.

     They're in your life.  You see them more or less everyday.  They could go to school with you, work with you, be on a team with you, go to your church, or even work with you as a counselor at a summer camp.  You feel like you know them as well as anyone, their essense, who they are.  But yet, you've only had a few short conversations with them.  You love them, and you know it.  You feel like your eyes meet more than they should, and they're on your mind way more than anyone else.  Does this happen to anyone?  Because it's happened to me, a couple different times.  And I'm not quite sure what to think about it.  However, since we're only deep thinkers here on this blog, I thought about it, and I'll tell you what I came up with.

     As human beings, we are told what to love, what is good, what is beautiful, what is normal.  We are given no choice but to look at these standards that are set for all of society.  When we find something that fits that mold, we want it.  Everyone has different wants, different standards, because we all have different perspectives and interpret everything differently.  Sometimes we find something that seems to fit that model, or something that we love, but when we find out more about it, we find that it has flaws.  We see that what we thought was perfection is simply another imperfect component of Earth that we had mistaken for an angel.  This is why when we don't know someone as well we can get caught in the trap of obssessing over them or seeing them as perfect.  What do you guys think?  It seems to happen to me, usually about one person a year.  The strange thing is that when I do try and start a relationship with them (friendship only, of course), it never works.  Maybe because I think about everything too much, think of them as too high.  I'm not quite sure, still figuring things out.  But I definitely still feel like I love this person.  It's a girl, which may surprise you, or may not.  Tell me how you're dealing with these situations (or if you're even dealing with them at all).  Much love to you all, it's almost the weekend!
Love, Contemplation's Girl

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