Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Vibrations.

     You sit down at your desk one evening, rather nonchalantly.  You aren't sad, you aren't happy, but instead are set on finishing the task at hand, be it homework, emailing your boss, or any other random shenanigans.  What better opportunity than to fill your atmosphere with happiness, sounds of peace, and melodies that make you smile inside and out?  If you haven't guessed already, today's post is about positive music. 

      I believe in positive music more than just about anything.  I really got into it last year, and have been addicted ever since.  You see I grew up with rap and mainstream music, hip hop and pop, which is fine and all, but it wasn't until last year that I realized there was music that was so much better!  Of course from time to time I will still listen to a head-bobbing hit, but what I crave now is music that is uplifting and happy at the same time.  Not religious, but positive.  (I have nothing against religious music and respect it very much but am not always in the mood to listen to it).  If you want me to share some of my great music taste with you, just ask! :)  The single artist that I listen to most is definitely Jack Johnson, and if you don't know him, listen to him, because his music is fantastic.  Nonetheless, there are many, many other songs that I can show you guys if you're interested.   

     Anyway, just thought I would talk about the importance of positive music and all the wonderful effects it has had on my life.  Listen to some tonight while you're writing that time-consuming essay or making dinner for your family!  I promise, you won't regret it.  And it may just change your life.
Best Wishes, and LOVE,
Contemplation's Girl

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