Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It wasn't actually yours.

     We all know those people who think that everyone is copying them.  But this isn't the case.  No one can really copy anyone's ideas because they weren't their own in the first place.  They either saw it on a magazine, on TV, at a store, or from a stranger.  I mean this as far as clothing styles, hairstyles, words, phrases, etc.  Okay, so once out of a million times you actually were the one who started it.  But next time before you brag and pretend to be annoyed by all those that copy what you do, think about who you copied when you were doing it.  It really isn't a big deal.  People take, use, and edit what they see. Oh well!  I bet some of you know what I'm talking about.  As for those of you that don't, well, you may see it one day, or you may be doing it yourself!  Either way, just lose all arrogance, annoyances, anger, and judgement.  And life will be even sweeter, I promise.  Hope yall are having a great week.  <3  Almost weekend!

Love, Contemplation's Girl

Monday, February 7, 2011

The good new days!

     Oh Monday,... slow, long, and never as fun as Friday.  Yet still, I have my blog and all of it's fantastic readers!  You guys really are pretty awesome.  :)

     Something I was thinking about recently was how some people always refer to the "good old days" and make it seem like nothing good is going on anymore, how today's world is so terrible and they wish they were still back in the times when everything was better.  But this isn't true!  There is so much good going on this moment, and every moment of every day.  People are sharing the love, people are volunteering, people are making music, basking in the sun, watching a movie with their family, having a snowball fight, or even eating chocolate with the Valentine!  This world is so great, so majestic and beautiful.  And so is everyone in it!  Today, and yesterday, and forever.  So it's no longer the "good old days", but it can now be the good new days, too!  Try making someone else's day better today, talk to someone who you usually ignore, look at someone in a way you've never seen them, open the door for someone, smile at a stranger!  Anything, but something!  Not only will it make someone else's day better, it will make yours better too!  Have a fantastic Monday my beautiful and glorious readers!  <3
Love, Contemplation's Girl

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Forgive and forget, baby

     One of the things I believe most in, by far.  I have been walked on by others, but have learned to never hate them.  This doesn't mean you have to be their best friend or shower them with compliments, but make sure that when you see them or think about them you aren't wishing that they went to run off the edge of a cliff.  It's definitely one of the most important things that we must discipline ourselves to do.  Why have any enemies when you could have nothing but friends?  Think about that next time someone mistreats you :) I've also tried to stop thinking of others as annoying.  Because when you cease to see them as annoying, they cease to annoy you!  Have fun, little darlings, in life!
Love, Contemplation's Girl       

Thursday, February 3, 2011

An uplifting quote!

"And yet one word Frees us of all the weight and pain of life; That word is love."

     This quote is from the Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles.  I was reading this book earlier this year, and although I didn't always find the book to be extremely enjoyable, this quote just jumped out at me.  I loved it, and highlighted it.  I was just looking through some old notes and found it, and thought I should share it with you all!  It's so true, too.  When we're feeling stress, sadness, or frustration, it all just evaporates with the love of a friend, child, spouse, parent, neighbor, or the rest of the endless possibilities.  Sometimes the love of even a stranger can ease our pain!  What do you guys think about this quote?  Share the love,
Love, Contemplation's Girl

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Natural Beauty?!

     Something that I believe strongly in is being natural.  Girls and guys alike, don't get me wrong, but mainly girls.  I'm not saying that if you wear make-up your any less of an individual or anything.  Nonetheless, I appreciate those who don't have an attachment to their face when it's caked with a sticky, pore-clogging substance.  This also applies for hair straightening/curling.  If you don't already, try a week without it!  My school is doing this all next week, not requiring of course, but supporting a Natural Week.  So many are super excited about it, and fully participating!  I'm glad that they went along with it.  I was one of the three who started this week :)

     Like I said, it's not bad to wear make-up, but it's great to lose the reliance on it.  There are so many girls out there who I think are gorgeous, and yet they can't leave their room without a pound and a half of cover-up.  Why do they want to cover up their natural, normal beauty?!  It's hard to understand sometimes, but I know that some people have just gotten used to their face with make-up and can't accept it without it.  What do you guys think of being natural?  Are any of you already kind of practicing this?  I also think it's great that when we start to think less about our appearance and the appearance of others, we start appreciating people for their qualities and seeing their qualities stand out more.  So if you are already natural on occasion, keep it up!  And if you never are, try it sometime!  It's actually fun, proving to yourself that you can do something that you thought you never could!  Tell me what you guys think!  :) 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Want heaven? Then just start looking!

     Oftentimes, heaven is percieved as something unreachable, something that we must wait for, and will recieve after the day we die, after our body rots into the moist soils of the world.  But I'm here to say, that I have experienced heaven, and continue to experience it in my day to day life.  Yes, we all have our own opinions on these things, but as this is my blog, I might as well tell what my beliefs are, right?  And I love hearing your guys' thoughts as well, even if they differ from mine.  :)

     So anyway, to expound on this topic... I believe that heaven is here and now, if you choose it to be.  I think that you could be living in hell, too.  Do you want to be happy and filled with love?  Do you want each moment to be blessed with an everlasting happiness?  You just have to do one thing!  Let it in!  Be the light!  Share the love!  This is seriously all that is required, I have seen it demonstrated in my own life.  There is never an excuse for being unhappy, depressed, or feeling excluded.  Make yourself included, even if it's just your own life!  Make yourself happy, and make others happy, too, which will instantly make you happier.  And most importantly share this secret with others.  The whole world should know about it, seriously.  It's the key to happiness.  Tell me what you guys and gals think! 
Love, Contemplation's Girl