Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Want heaven? Then just start looking!

     Oftentimes, heaven is percieved as something unreachable, something that we must wait for, and will recieve after the day we die, after our body rots into the moist soils of the world.  But I'm here to say, that I have experienced heaven, and continue to experience it in my day to day life.  Yes, we all have our own opinions on these things, but as this is my blog, I might as well tell what my beliefs are, right?  And I love hearing your guys' thoughts as well, even if they differ from mine.  :)

     So anyway, to expound on this topic... I believe that heaven is here and now, if you choose it to be.  I think that you could be living in hell, too.  Do you want to be happy and filled with love?  Do you want each moment to be blessed with an everlasting happiness?  You just have to do one thing!  Let it in!  Be the light!  Share the love!  This is seriously all that is required, I have seen it demonstrated in my own life.  There is never an excuse for being unhappy, depressed, or feeling excluded.  Make yourself included, even if it's just your own life!  Make yourself happy, and make others happy, too, which will instantly make you happier.  And most importantly share this secret with others.  The whole world should know about it, seriously.  It's the key to happiness.  Tell me what you guys and gals think! 
Love, Contemplation's Girl

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