Monday, February 7, 2011

The good new days!

     Oh Monday,... slow, long, and never as fun as Friday.  Yet still, I have my blog and all of it's fantastic readers!  You guys really are pretty awesome.  :)

     Something I was thinking about recently was how some people always refer to the "good old days" and make it seem like nothing good is going on anymore, how today's world is so terrible and they wish they were still back in the times when everything was better.  But this isn't true!  There is so much good going on this moment, and every moment of every day.  People are sharing the love, people are volunteering, people are making music, basking in the sun, watching a movie with their family, having a snowball fight, or even eating chocolate with the Valentine!  This world is so great, so majestic and beautiful.  And so is everyone in it!  Today, and yesterday, and forever.  So it's no longer the "good old days", but it can now be the good new days, too!  Try making someone else's day better today, talk to someone who you usually ignore, look at someone in a way you've never seen them, open the door for someone, smile at a stranger!  Anything, but something!  Not only will it make someone else's day better, it will make yours better too!  Have a fantastic Monday my beautiful and glorious readers!  <3
Love, Contemplation's Girl

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  1. Interesting thought! Now I will always think of that when I hear that phrase. Good job :)