Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Natural Beauty?!

     Something that I believe strongly in is being natural.  Girls and guys alike, don't get me wrong, but mainly girls.  I'm not saying that if you wear make-up your any less of an individual or anything.  Nonetheless, I appreciate those who don't have an attachment to their face when it's caked with a sticky, pore-clogging substance.  This also applies for hair straightening/curling.  If you don't already, try a week without it!  My school is doing this all next week, not requiring of course, but supporting a Natural Week.  So many are super excited about it, and fully participating!  I'm glad that they went along with it.  I was one of the three who started this week :)

     Like I said, it's not bad to wear make-up, but it's great to lose the reliance on it.  There are so many girls out there who I think are gorgeous, and yet they can't leave their room without a pound and a half of cover-up.  Why do they want to cover up their natural, normal beauty?!  It's hard to understand sometimes, but I know that some people have just gotten used to their face with make-up and can't accept it without it.  What do you guys think of being natural?  Are any of you already kind of practicing this?  I also think it's great that when we start to think less about our appearance and the appearance of others, we start appreciating people for their qualities and seeing their qualities stand out more.  So if you are already natural on occasion, keep it up!  And if you never are, try it sometime!  It's actually fun, proving to yourself that you can do something that you thought you never could!  Tell me what you guys think!  :) 

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