Tuesday, April 26, 2011

your smell alone

your smell alone,
lingering on my belongings,
glued to my thoughts,
bring me to a state of euphoria.
a piece of heaven,
i can't deny it any longer.

i want you. 

i don't care if it sounds cheesy,
your eyes are like an ocean,
unending and blue.  i could stare forever.. but that would be weird. 
everything you do is adorable. 
i know you care about others,
i see the depth of your heart.
your music is incredible,
similar to mine :)
sometimes i get confused about what i want,
but for now i know,

i want you.

you hide a lot,
but it's my goal to not have anything hidden between us.
i kinda think you're kinda perfect. 

for now, i have you
and whatever happens, it doesn't matter.
because i'll always have had you once. 
and that's something to be happy about,
something i'm lucky to have. 

lucky to have the smell lingering.

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  1. "I could stare forever
    but that would be weird."

    - brilliant!
    very cute :) x

    www.sillylittlescribbles.blogspot.com (otherwise known as ThinkingGirl's blogspot) x