Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wait, you're a leader? what?

never ever saw you as a leader.  you really aren't.  so i don't know how you got that position.  but hey, i'm happy for you.  just don't get too full of yourself with it.  you say that you need to set an example for people now.. but i still don't really see that in you.  i'm sorry.  but i tend to see you as weak.  and that's bad, i know.  that's really bad.  but anyways, i hope it brings about some good things in your life.  like maybe you'll realize that drinking is for losers?  maybe.  doubt it.  we'll see.  but either way, it kept ME on the right track.  *i am spiritual, not material*  we are not material, but spiritual, and so must we live our lives.  thank you God.  thank you!  ahh.  You are great.  so great.  i intend on glorifying you :)

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