Friday, May 27, 2011

so i kind of fell in love with you.  and then because things didn't work out like they should have i fell out of it.  then i was upset about that and really down for a week or so.  and then i got over it.  and then, somehow, i fell into lust with you.  maybe because i missed what we used to have, or so i thought.  and now i just, don't know where i'm going or where i want to go.  what i do know is that i must stay on the right path, the path of good.  i don't know what to do because, i actually care about you.  which is why i would do things with you.  but i don't think you care about me the same way.  from what i've learned about you over the past few months, you seem like one who just tries to satisfy their momentary needs and don't really care about whatever else happens.  i'm pretty confused right now.  because it seems like what i want is different from what is right.  i'll have to figure this stuff out eventually..

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