Saturday, November 26, 2011

Barefoot running!

Hey everyone!  It's been SO long since I've updated on this blog.  I've been on tumblr all the time now.  :)

But anyways I wanted to introduce to you all the idea of running barefoot!  It's been gaining popularity lately.  When you think about it, it's the way that we are supposed to run anyways!  Humans were born to run on the soles of their feet.  It is recommended to start out with smaller amounts however until your feet are well adjusted - just do whatever's comfortable!  What are the benefits you might be wondering?

Well, to name a few:
-It's freeing!  So much fun, you almost feel Native American or something, especially when running in the woods.
-It is good for your back and reduces the chances of feet injuries.
-It forces you to use proper form that increases your endurance.

But I just love how much fun I have with it, through the woods, on the street, in the grass.  Try it out you nature loving beauties! :)

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