Friday, March 4, 2011

Singin in the rain

It has literally been FOREVER since I last blogged.  I'm really sorry guys, just been SUPER busy.  Felt like it was about time to blog again, because tonight I was quite spontaneous.  A friend and I slid through one giant puddle (more like river) going down a hill on a field of grass.  It was a little cold, and my clothes got (more than mildly) dirty and muddy, but so much fun, and so worth it.  In fact, I've been trying to do many of these spontaneous things lately.  They keep life interesting!  For example if I think it would be cool to go to the art museum, I go!  If someone wants to go for a run in the pouring rain, I'm down!  Swimming in a Washington Ocean?  Going without makeup for a few days?  Watching 4 movies at once?  All of these things make life loveable. :)  Anyways, today has been very rainy and thundery.. I love it!  This is weather I enjoy very much, because it reminds me of home, is comforting, and sounds flat out awesome.  Lots of love to you all!  I promise to keep you updated MORE FREQUENTLY!  And I don't break my promises.  LIVE SPONTANEOUSLY. 
Contemplation's Girl

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